Here you can find descriptions and links for all the effects and products I have put out!

Lightspeed By Perseus Arkomanis

After years of research and performing, Perseus Arkomanis brings you the ultimate sleeving technique.


A masterclass to the fastest and most invisible sleeving technique there is!

With LIGHTSPEED you will be able to do what most magicians only dream of!


The Card Cube By Perseus Arkomanis

One of the best principles in magic is that of the impossible object. You take something normal and bring it to an impossible state...and then give it away as a souvenir!

The Card Cube is one of the most original plots in magic!

Perseus spent nearly a year figuring out an easy-to-do fold of a playing card to create a cube without any sticky stuff or glue!

Card Cube can be performed almost impromptu as the cubes only take a minute to make.

 Card Cube can be performed as a stand-alone effect or as a killer ending to a card routine!

Card Cube can be performed as a magical effect or as a demonstration of skill!

Being Sharp By Perseus Arkomanis

Instant Streaming Video

Our good friend Perseus Arkomanis from Greece has put together an great streaming video with thoughts and routines for effects using just your pack of cards and a Sharpie marker. This Instant Streaming video runs for over 40 mins and features 3 great routines, Ideas and Bonus items.

Slide By De'Mon(Perseus Arkomanis) and Titanas


A signed card can be openly torn in half or already torn
You make one half magically cling to the other
The torn half comes to life and visibly slides across to restore itself!
The restored card is handed out for the spectator to keep

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