Do you want to increase the attendance of clients as well as the publicity of your place? Perseus will entertain your patrons offering them an experience like no other during their night out for drinks or food. The return and growth of your clientele is guaranteed!




Entertaining the guests at a wedding can be difficult at times as the happy couple can be busy making sure their special day goes to plan. When the focus of the bride and groom is elsewhere, during the drinks reception, having photographs taken, between food courses and the evening celebrations, these are perfect opportunities to have Perseus perform for your guests and is a great way to keep spirits high and your guests energised throughout the day. Bringing magic and mystery to your special day is a perfect way to add that extra something for your guests to remember your wedding as a thoughtful event for them as well as for you.

Private Party

Are you planning a small gathering? Or maybe something larger such as a birthday party or business event? Whoever your guests are or the type of party you're having, Perseus will give them a night full of magic and mystery that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Corporate Events

Make your event stand out and be original! Give one more good reason to your clients to remember you forever. Perseus will create a tailor-made show as well as an original commercial effect that will imprint your companies message on the mind of anyone watching!

Promotion/Expo Booth

Perseus is known for his creativity and his ability to create magic effects with the sole purpose of promoting a product. He excels in attracting people to your booth in his own unique way while at the same time having your product in the centre of attention. 






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