"You made the whole embassy lose their minds!"

Dr. David Landsman (English Ambasaddor)

"Greece's Top magician"

Star Channel (TV Channel)

"The Greek God that makes things with coins that us mortals don't even dream about!"

MAGICSEEN MAGAZINE (Magician's Magazine) - UK

"Perseus Arkomanis is the standing version of Slydini* when it comes to how visual his magic looks!"

Jeff Stone (Magic effect Critic) - USA

"What you do is not Magic...it's something more!"

Κώστας Περρής (Greece got talent host)

"Perfect! Just Perfect!!!"

George Myrogiannis (Gen. Manager INCOM)

"When Illusions become Art..."

Βημαγκαζίνο (Magazine)

"You're truly Magical!!"

Ευγενία Μανωλίδου (Maestro)

"Just Incredible!"

Γιάννης Λάτσιος (Gen. Manager Ant1 Channel)

"Greece needs such talents with insipation!"

Χρήστος Φερεντίνος (TV Host) 

"He managed to charm and wonder all of Greece!"

Alpha Channel (TV Channel)

"That's incredible! You're the best!"

Μαρία-Λουίζα Βούρου (TV Host)

"His technique is fantastic; with lightspeed vanishes and productions that are truly amazing"

Michael Ammar (World Champion of Magic) - USA

"One of the few Philosophers of Magic"

Κατερίνα Αντωνοπούλου (Δημοσιογράφος)


*Tony Slydini: Magician of Worldwide reputation who is known for his visual magic while sitting at a table.

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