Perseus Arkomanis - The Greek Magician.
After years of practicing and performing Magic as an amateur, Perseus began his professional career in 2005.
He has watched numerous lectures and seminars in England about Magic and Psychology from the biggest names in Worldwide Magic.

In 2010 he was a finalist on Greece Has Got Talent where he received the highest praise for his craft.
In 2012 he wrote the first ever Greek book about magic were he analysed Magic in a theoretical, psychological and philosophical level which was published by one of the biggest publishers in Greece (Gutenberg Publishing) and was called "The Art of Magic".
In 2014 he took part in a competition by the International Magicians Society and won first place in the category of Close Up Magic (Medal of Merlin - Best Close Up Magic - First Place).
In 2014 he was awarded the title "Magician of the Year 2014" by the Greek Academy of Magicians.
In 2015 he was asked to travel all the way to Beijing of China to lecture on his techniques and to present a Show in the Cultural Centre of Xicheng District - Social Fine Arts Grade Examination Centre of China Academy of Art.

The artistic style of Perseus Arkomanis is of a theatrical kind. He doesn't just perform "tricks" but instead through his scripting, plot and the atmosphere he builds in every show, he makes Art while expressing personal stories and thoughts that captivate his audience and takes them on a journey with him.
That way he entertains deeply and wonders his audience in the wonderful world of Magic.
Aesthetics, Consistency, originality as well as the artistic and mental education and culture in conjunction with his love for the art of Magic defines the high level he sets as a rule and that is something that justifiably puts him in the top of Greek Magic.
He has done dozens of TV appearances and has worked in the most elegant and prestigious bars and hotels in Greece. He has performed his art, amongst others, to the British Embassy, Hilton Hotel and Regency Casino Thessaloniki. The biggest corporations have trusted him for their events. Names like Dell, Wella, The Mall Athens, Titan Cement, Germanos and Kotsovolos.
Also he was invited to be the night's magician on New Years Eve for Tatoi Club.

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